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Do you like to be out and about in the community helping people? As our courier, your completion of requested tasks, on time, is important to the process of buying and selling homes. You will be a representative of ours during the real estate transaction. This is an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door and learn the business, or just make some extra spending money while helping in a variety of ways. If you like a job where every day is different and you interact with a variety of people, this is for you!

$10/hour part time, but needs will vary throughout the year.

Basic tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Making copies of keys
  • Letting vendors in and out of houses
  • Setting up signs and lockboxes
  • Making copies
  • Doing vacant property checks
  • Retrieving all signs, lockboxes, etc.
  • Making wellness calls to our sellers to ensure their needs are taken care of
  • Dropping off, picking up any items our sellers may need
  • Any requests our team agents may have, etc.

Smartphone owner and user is a must with the wide variety of properties you need to find using GPS. It is also important for our agents to be able to be in touch while you are out and about.

Interested? Please call Indy Homes at (317) 815-4450.