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Indianapolis Schools

A-plus schoolsWe know how important education is to you and for your kids. From pre-school to advanced degrees, Indianapolis exceeds educational expectations—from A-Z.

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Schools for your kids

We know that your children’s education is top priority for you! Indianapolis and its surrounding areas offer public, private and charter schools boasting top-notch instruction and preparation for students’ futures.

Indianapolis Public Schools – Neighborhood and magnet/choice schools

Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) serve the core of Indianapolis—Center Township—and some close-in areas. Like the public school districts of many large cities, IPS has struggled, but it does have some excellent schools and interesting options.

  • Neighborhood schools: An IPS neighborhood school is a school that serves all students within a certain boundary. IPS guarantees each child admission to his or her neighborhood school. However, students are not required to attend their neighborhood school—they can apply to attend any school within IPS.
  • Magnet schools/choice programs: IPS Choice programs are defined by a specialized curriculum, innovative themes, unique teaching techniques or magnet certification. Children within the neighborhood boundaries of a magnet/choice school are given priority. All other openings are filled through a lottery system. 
  • Centers for Inquiry: The four Center for Inquiry schools are magnet schools that focus on holistic inquiry-based learning and critical literacy. They follow the International Baccalaureate Organization model, which promotes intercultural understanding and respect, not as an alternative to a sense of cultural and national identity, but as an essential part of life in the 21st century.
  • Innovation schools: Innovation schools have been granted the authority to make decisions about all aspects of their school—both academic and operational—and are held accountable by IPS for agreed upon student outcomes. The purpose of innovation schools is to allow IPS—and schools within IPS—the additional flexibility to make decisions based on the specific needs of a school’s student body.

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Charter schools

Indianapolis also has a number of charter schools. Charter schools are tuition-free public schools open to any Indiana resident. Charter schools are freed from many of the regulations governing traditional public schools. They control their own curriculum, staffing, organization and budget. In exchange for this freedom, they must maximize student potential and meet and exceed Indiana’s academic standards.

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Township schools

Outside of IPS' boundaries, nine township schools districts serve the students of Marion County. Indy Homes' service areas include Lawrence, Pike and Washington townships.

Lawrence Township

Pike Township

Washington Township

Suburban public school districts

Indianapolis' suburbs all have their own public school districts. They include:




Center Grove




Private schools

Indiana’s statewide voucher program, known as the Choice Scholarship Program, allows students in low- and middle-income families to receive vouchers to attend private school. Eligible students receive a voucher for some or most of what the state would have spent on their child had they attended public school. Students must apply to the private schools of their choice and be accepted (admission criteria vary). It's important to note that not all private schools accept vouchers.

More information about Indianapolis’ primary and secondary schools

Undergraduate and graduate programs

Exploring your own educational future? Check out any of the graduate and undergraduate programs Indianapolis has to offer.

Indianapolis colleges and universities include:

Don’t forget the array of respected universities in close proximity to the city:

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