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Kristie Smith Signs to Seventh Year with Radio Disney 98.3FM

Kristie Smith Signs with Radio DisneyCarmel, IN — December 24, 2010 — Kristie Smith has signed on for a seventh year as Radio Disney’s only real estate sponsor in Central Indiana. With her energetic voice, positivity about the real estate market and infectious jingle that keeps kids singing, Kristie Smith has become a household name—and real estate superstar.

Each day Kristie runs into someone who says, “You’re not THE Kristie Smith, are you?” It’s become a joke with Kristie’s family and with her real estate team in the ERA offices. But Kristie’s fame is serious business with young kids (especially the girls). Kristie keeps a Sharpie pen with her at all times—always ready for the next autograph requested, and she keeps Disney gifts in her office for the youngsters who visit her Carmel office.

“I am so grateful for all the business and growth that our Indy Homes Real Estate Team has experienced over the past few years. We have not been impacted at all by the perceptions of the real estate market,” says Smith.

Kristie and her team have big plans in 2011! She wants to continue to grow the team’s business as she has each year for the past nine years. Kristie desires to get involved more in the community this year through groups like Lacy Leadership, The Tocqueville Society and MIBOR. She plans to increase her philanthropy and charitable giving by 50 percent. And, of course, she will continue to support her favorite local station, Radio Disney.

Tune-in to 98.3FM, or listen to some of her popular commercials here.

Kristie talks about the value of charity

Hire the Realtor on the Radio – Kristie makes fun of the notion that consumers would really call the Realtor on the radio.

Tax Credit – Last chance to get money from the IRS, Kristie is doing a push to buy before April 30, 2010.

Why Rent? – With the 2009 stimulus for first-time buyers, there is no need to rent a home.

Move up buyer– It’s a great time to buy and sell a home together.

ERA Spot – New spot promoting ERA and the Guarantee Sale Program.

Kids Fighting – Kristie’s very first Radio Disney commercial.

Holiday – Holiday spot with grandma in town.

Summer – Kids splashing in swimming pool.

Jim McConville – Endorsement from Radio Disney station manager. Kristie sold his house in less than one day!

Allison Sukurs – Client testimonial spot.

Kristie’s New Jingle – In 2006 Kristie tried a new melody and singer for her jingle. The new jingle was not well received—so many people called her pleading for the “old song back.” Kristie still laughs about it.