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Meet Kristie Smith

For years I lived my life seeking approval from others. As a “pleaser,” this seemed completely normal — desiring affirmation and approval for my own validation. News flash: living this way was not working. The day I started living my life authentically, standing up for myself, speaking out about what I believed in, and stopped looking over my shoulder at who was judging, disapproving or talking about me was the day my life truly began to have immense meaning, freedom and purpose.

Kristie Smith, Indianapolis REALTORIt was then that I quit my coveted corporate marketing career to sow my entrepreneurial oats and build a real estate business from the ground up.

Today, I’m just me. I do real estate differently! I am fortunate to run my business on my terms -- surrounded by team members who think and work similarly. "How you do anything is how you do everything" is the phrase my team gets sick of me saying over and over. Our team’s foundation is built by practicing evidence-based real estate — using the latest research, market statistics, technology, and proven strategies.

I am a real estate agent that creates partnerships with my clients to create a marketable product at a price that will sell. My intention with every transaction is to create a WIN-WIN relationship. I am a consultant and work best with those who want to hire a real estate expert to advise them. I don’t like to sugar-coat things. I provide sellers and buyers with real and hard facts of the current market, which at times are hard for people to embrace. I have only had a few people in my life strong enough to give it to me straight, and that impact was profound for me. I want to create that for our clients.

I know in my heart and soul I was put on this earth to make things happen, create smiles and enjoy the amazing journey. It makes me blissfully happy to see a client sell a difficult home or relocate to Indy knowing no one but me, and to hand the keys to a family buying their first home. To achieve this dream. We all deserve this. YOU deserve this.

I am also the wife of an amazing man who I don’t deserve: Andrew Smith. He rocks.

So my life is pretty great, but it didn’t just fall into my lap. I worked for it, and still work for it every single day. Surrounding myself with great people has been pivotal in my journey to success and happiness.

Some other interesting facts about me:

  • I am a perfectionist in constant recovery. My mother and father (in different ways) raised me to think about outcomes and results. To this day, I show up and expect excellence in everything. Luckily, I've learned to tone this down and see people first and results/outcomes secondly. I wasn't always this way. Today, my goal is not to be perfect, but to be outstanding and brilliant at whatever I do! 
  • I am educated and am very opinionated about education. Being the first college graduate from both sides of my family, I became the exception. I believe that education is the eternal equalizer of humanity.
  • I love my home and all the amazing decor that my dear friend and interior designer Jennifer O’Connor created there. Entertaining, cooking and throwing parties is a complete joy for me.
  • I am a huge giver. Giving generously is one of my greatest core values.
  • I am very passionate about philanthropy. One of my most rewarding experiences was winning Woman of the Year with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Indiana.
  • I believe that you are the average of the top five people you spend the most time with (happiness, wealth, contentment, heath, love, spirituality, etc). When I have chosen wisely with these top five friends, influences, and examples, this has been when my life has soared.
  • My love language (no surprise) is words of affirmation. However, I also love deep and authentic quality time with people.  My investment into deeply connected relationships with others has been one of the greatest joys for life fulfilment and meaning.
  • I love to travel. It’s my #1 pastime and hobby. If you ever need a travel buddy, just give me a shout! There are so many places I still desire to visit.
  • I hold a degree in marketing from Purdue University and worked for ten years in healthcare marketing for large hospital systems. I don’t miss it.
  • I have been called: giving, witty, sassy, fun, chatty, charming, too-smart-for-your-own-good, generous, tough, blunt, inquisitive, opinionated, obstinate, analytical, problem-solver, amazing thinker, shrewd negotiator. Some of these I am more proud of than others.
  • I married my first love and I live an enchanted life with him — filled with a love deeper than anyone I know. I do not take this for granted, and I know that I am fortunate beyond what I deserve.
  • I consider myself a forever learner and am always seeking “more.”
  • In addition to my marketing degree from Purdue University, I also have a degree in Bible & Theology from Lincoln Christian University.
  • I am an avid fitness and workout girl. I start my day with exercise several mornings a week. During COVID lockdown my husband and I started working out together at 5am. As a self-proclaimed non-morning person, this was a great stretch for me. The habit stuck and these daily workouts have enriched our relationship and health.
  • I love pink! Any given day you will be sure to find me wearing something pink. And, if you ever catch me working at home, you’ll find me in my pink-accented office!
  • Summer 2015, my husband and I experienced a devastating house fire — losing our home and everything that we owned. The next two years were full of sadness, reflection and new beginnings. We rebuilt a dream home like none other which I still mourn a different kind of "loss" from. We currently live in Downtown Carmel and absolutely LOVE IT! We are currently building our *new* dream home on Main Street just steps from the Monon Trail. 

Professional bio

Yearning to flex her entrepreneurial muscles, Kristie Smith left her corporate marketing job in 2003 and founded the Indy Homes Team.

In just a few short years, Kristie’s focus on outstanding client service and great evidence-based outcomes built the Indy Homes Team into one of the top real estate groups in Indiana. In 2022, the team launched as its own boutique residential real estate brokerage located in Downtown Carmel.

Prior to launching Indy Homes brokerage, Kristie worked for Keller Williams Realty and was part of Gary Keller’s private agent mastermind group — made up of just the top 100 agents in Keller Williams Realty Worldwide. This group met quarterly with Gary to sharpen their skills, learn from each other and grow their businesses to new heights.

Kristie’s areas of expertise include:

  • Marketing luxury homes—Kristie’s team serves all price ranges of buyers and sellers. For high-end expertise, Kristie earned and maintains a certification through the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. Through this specialized training and her experience working with high-end clientele, Kristie has honed the marketing, selling and communication skills that best serve the luxury market. She has also earned The Institute's Million Dollar GUILD recognition for experience, knowledge, and expertise in residential properties priced $1 million and above. 
  • Assisting clients moving to Indianapolis—As relocation director, Kristie and her team spend nearly 35 percent of their time working with professionals moving to Indianapolis. Kristie’s vast knowledge of Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs enables her to guide clients to the location and home that will work best for them. Several Indianapolis corporations entrust their recruits and new hires to Kristie and the Indy Homes Team, who provide a great introduction to the Circle City.
  • Negotiating—Kristie is a unique and savvy negotiator. She believes that the best negotiations are when both sides come away feeling like they have won. She has seen (and previously practiced) the “I win; you lose” philosophy of negotiating and doing business. She believes that’s not the way to sustain relationships, and this approach doesn’t align with the core values of the Indy Homes Team. However, don’t fear. Kristie negotiates just like your money is her money. This is her favorite part of the job.
  • Marketing homes online—97 percent of buyers use the Internet to find their new home. Kristie is well-known in Indianapolis for her savvy use of the Internet, professional photography, and social media to connect with her audiences and market homes. As a result, in 2021 her marketed homes have sold with an average days-on-market of 10 days or less.
  • Market trendsKristie is a leader in market knowledge, community involvement, and knowing relevant data that is needed to practice real estate at a superior level. As the writer of a top real estate blog, Kristie is regularly interviewed locally and nationally regarding the real estate market, social media, marketing strategies, and her team’s success. Read her latest news.

Kristie has been designated a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) by the National Association of Realtors, the highest level a REALTOR can attain. Home buyers and sellers can trust that CRS Designees subscribe to the strict Realtor code of ethics, have access to the latest technology and are specialists in helping clients maximize profits and minimize costs when buying or selling a home.

Kristie has been married for more than 24 years to IU Health anesthesiologist, Andrew Smith. They live in Downtown Carmel.

Contact Kristie:
Email: ksmith@IndyHomes.com
Twitter: @IndyHomesTeam
Facebook: Facebook.com/IndyHomesTeam 
Instagram: Instagram.com/IndyHomes