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Relocation to Indianapolis

Moving to a new city can be an adventure… and a pain. Whether you’re relocating cross-state or cross-country, we’ll work to make your move to Indianapolis as smooth as possible.

Our relocation experience

Relocation to IndianapolisAs relocation director at Keller Williams Realty, Realtor Kristie Smith has helped scores of clients move to the Indianapolis area. Some of the area’s largest corporations have relied on Kristie and the Indy Homes Team to relocate their newly hired executives to Indianapolis and get them started off on the right foot.

With this level of relocation experience, we have finely tuned our process to ensure that the “big deals” and the little details are taken care of. Whether you need a corporate relocation partner, a moving company, a short-term housing rental or help finding your new home, we can help.

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Helpful resources for moving to Indy

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