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Corporate Relocation Partnerships

Why Indy Homes Team for relocation?

WOW service

A woman-owned S-Corporation, the Indy Homes Team was founded in 2002 to provide a unique real estate experience that’s grounded in the philosophy of WOW service. WOW service isn’t something we just talk about—it’s something we live every day

Experience and expertise

With more than 55 combined years of real estate experience in the Indianapolis real estate market, the Indy Homes Team relocates 95-120 families and individuals every year (making up approximately 40 percent of our business).

We move every sector of business, including retail, military, service, technology and health care. Our exceptional mix of staff and partners brings expertise in various aspects of relocation such as real estate sales, household goods moving, tax and expense management, and IT.

Our comprehensive technology and service platform enables us to provide a one-stop, seamless experience for our relocation clients. And because we are a small firm, we’re very responsive and flexible, which means we can customize our services for our clients to truly WOW them.

Your corporate recruiting partner

corporate partnershipsAs Indianapolis relocation experts our ultimate goal is to be your trusted recruiting partner. We understand that candidates’ first impressions are important and that a new employee’s relocation experience reflects on you, the employer.

Led by Kristie Smith, our relocation team has the expertise, experience and tenacity to deliver outstanding results. Our nimble size and experience enable us to accomplish much more for our clients than competitors twice our size. Some of the area’s largest corporations have relied on Kristie and the Indy Homes Team to relocate their newly hired executives to Indianapolis and get them started off on the right foot.

What you can expect from us:

  • Plenty of questions to learn more about your candidates and their needs.
  • Genuine, active listening.
  • Expert insider knowledge on Indianapolis and its surrounding communities.
  • An intuitive talent for matching personality, lifestyle, needs, and wants to the perfect neighborhood… and the perfect home.
  • Individual attention and prompt, professional service.
  • Guaranteed response times.

Our relocation specialists receive ongoing training in a variety of skills that make us the best at what we do. We also stay up on the issues that affect Indianapolis’ schools, neighborhoods and businesses. Everything your candidates will need to feel welcomed, taken care of and informed we provide to help make their decision easier.

How we make your job easier

We put the focus on your candidates…

During the recruiting process, we’ll help woo your important job candidates by orienting them to Indianapolis and answering their questions about what it’s really like to live in our city. We’ll serve as your eyes and ears to ensure that you can fully address each candidate’s questions and concerns throughout the recruiting process.

A worry-free move reflects well on you and your company. We’ll help onboard your new, relocating employees by providing them the information they need about Indianapolis, helping them find a home and coordinating their move along with our partner, Wheaton Worldwide. And if they should need advice on Indianapolis services as they settle in, we’re there to help.

…while taking care of your needs and easing your workload.

We make your job easier in the following ways:

  • Our vendor partners are tried and true: We have negotiated deep discounts with every vendor and pass along all direct pricing without any markups. The vendors that we use are true “partners,” standing up to our service tests and pricing expectations. Additionally, the volume of business that we do with our vendors allows us to have priority in scheduling and service.
  • Consolidated billing: We offer itemized, consolidated billing for all of your candidate’s relocation expenses (moving, short-term housing, hotel needs, etc).
  • Expense advances: For all employer-approved relocation employee expenses, we pay vendor bills or provide transferees with cash-option payments. We then bill you directly for these expenses. We also provide appropriate reporting to document taxable employee compensation.
  • Online request and reporting: We provide a website for submitting relocation requests. Your staff will be provided access and logins to this real-time information.
  • Flexible service contract options: We are flexible with our contract terms and language.
  • Customized reporting: We customize our reporting and documentation to fit your requirements and desires.
  • Measurement: In addition to the logistics and financial reporting provided by Wheaton and our other partners, we collect and measure customer feedback from every client. We also ask for just-in-time feedback five times during the transition of the transferee and make adjustments as necessary to ensure a WOW experience.

Relocation services

Indianapolis tours

One of Indy Homes Team’s specialties is providing detailed and informative city tours to out-of-town candidates and others moving to Indianapolis. We understand that candidates are not only interested in the job, but also the city they will be moving to if they take the job. We also understand that a candidate’s first impressions of a city can affect whether or not they accept the job. As part of the relocation services we offer, we provide objective tours that are tailored to each candidate’s needs and interests. We love answering questions about Indianapolis, and we’re well-versed in its school systems, neighborhoods around the city and in the suburbs, Indianapolis’ business environment, arts and entertainment options, and activities for kids.

Move logistics management

Every detail of a move is managed by an Indy Homes Team relocation specialist. We coordinate movers, storage, housing and logistics seamlessly. True to our commitment to WOW service, we answer questions, refer employees to needed vendors (mortgage brokers, inspectors, apartments, etc.), and provide full relocation counseling.

Trailing spouse job assistance

In the event that your new hire’s spouse is in need of employment assistance, we can help them network within their job specialty. Our deep connections with local businesses, chambers and networking organizations can connect any spouse within the industry they desire.

Home marketing assistance

We refer new hires needing to sell their existing home to a strong selling agent located in their origination city. We personally conduct interviews with potential agents to ensure similar service standards before we make the referral. Additionally, Indy Homes Team relocation specialists offer direct consultation to new hires regarding tips and strategies for selling their home quickly.

Indianapolis housing

Whether your new hire wants to purchase a new home or plans to settle into short-term housing, we are there to help. Our agents will make a full assessment of the new hire’s needs and criteria and find options that meet those needs. In addition, we handle every detail from offer to closing. With an onsite mortgage company, title company, and full concierge service, new hires can expect a seamless home-buying experience.

Concierge services

Our services don’t stop once your new hire has arrived and settled in Indianapolis. Whether they’re interested in finding parks nearby, are needing daycare locations, or are looking for a physician referral, we are there to help. Whatever service is needed, our expert staff ensures that quick recommendations are provided.

Full concierge referral services include:

  • Physicians
  • Daycare
  • Shopping
  • Attorneys
  • Contractors
  • Interior designers
  • Salons
  • Anything else need by the new hire

Interested in learning more? Call us at (317) 815-4450 or email ksmith@indyhomes.com